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The Spirit of Italy is Alive and Well

The people in Italy are serenading one another from open windows and balconies. I hope the dying can hear them. Dio Benedica L’Italia.      

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Daylight Saving’s Time: Like Money in The Bank

I love this time of year. Longer days, later sunsets, a bump-up in the sense of value on each day’s returns. I don’t mind changing the clocks. It gives me something to look forward to. It seems like a proper ritual to make in hopes of hastening Spring along. Come on. We’re waiting here. This …


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On The Beach at Marrowstone

It was an evening walk not unlike others We had made At that time of day And that time of the season In that same place. There was something about the pre-sunset light The way it slanted through the trees It warmed our complexions And the tones of our voices We commented about it out …

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You Are the Author of Beauty

  An excerpt from the book The Eternal Wonder, by Pearl S. Buck, © 2013 by the Pearl S. Buck Family Trust: He put it to Mr. Kung. “Sir, is the purpose of art the enjoyment of beauty, or is it to provide a sort of work, even though enjoyable, for the artist?” Mr. Kung replied …

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The Instruments of Comfort

I stepped outside and looked up to see the lights of an aircraft far above. There was something about the normality of that moment that brought a measure of comfort to my broken heart.

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Life, Death And Music: Listening with Intention

  Have you listened to any music lately? I mean, really listened. Like your life depended on it. Put the head phones on, turned out the lights and tuned into it heart and soul. Immersed yourself until your brain pulled out the bubbling of the keyboards, the resonant undertones of the bass guitar, the airy …

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Blog, Blog, Blog: It’s All Good

Writing is a solitary activity. It can get pretty lonely. Especially if you live in a rural location, take online courses and have no real friends. Which isn’t me, of course. I’m just sayin. Which is why I have been enjoying blogging more than I thought I would when I first started. There are some …

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Returning to the Light: Thoughts on our response to terror

  I can’t seem to squelch the queasiness in my stomach lately. It is ever present. It’s gnawing away at me like a mouse trying to get inside a warm space because it’s cold outside. But when there’s a hole between a warm space and a cold place, the cold always creeps in through the hole. It …

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Creative Inspiration

“Beholding someone else’s creative word, image, idea, fills us up, inspires us to our own creative work. A single creative act has the potential to feed a continent.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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Lyrics and Inspiration

Let the disappointments pass…Let the laughter fill your glass…Let your illusions last until they shatter. Whatever you might hope to find, Among the thoughts that crowd your mind, There won’t be many that ever really matter. Jackson Browne. “The Only Child”.  The Pretender. Electra/Asylum Records, 1976

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