Rainy Day Writing

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Original Poems by Ilona Elliott

Things one finds
while rummaging through a drawer:
A ticket from a concert
a key to an unknown door
a grocery list and coupons
that never saw a store.
Paper clips elastic bands pencils and a pen
lyrics from that song I love
photographs of friends.
A phone number without a name
I wonder who it’s for?
A painting in a broken frame
and underneath there’s more.
A wine cork from a special dinner
a lottery ticket without a winner
I guess that’s why I’m poor.
Clippings from a magazine
of things that looked like fun
some places I have never seen
and things I’ve never done
A postcard sent from Venice
by a friend long out of touch
though I think of her quite often
and still miss her very much.
Cards from anniversaries, Christmases and more
I even found a birthday card
with greetings from the dog.
I really can’t remember why I opened up this drawer
Don’t know what I was doing, what was I looking for?
Whatever it was, it really doesn’t matter anymore
whatever it was, the memories found
have meant a whole lot more.



  1. Denise Pistey

    I Love this!


  2. I think you just described everyone’s junk drawer everywhere in the most sentimental way. That takes talent!

    Liked by 1 person

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