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Monthly Archives: January, 2017

Online Dating:Who Ya Gonna Call?

Have you noticed all the specialized dating web sites available now? There are sites for single parents, single Jews, single Blacks, single Christians, single Seniors, single professionals, just about every kind of single. And of course, there are even “dating sites” for non-singles. The latter have naughty sounding names like Hush Affairs, Discreet Encounters and …


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Getting Past ‘You Suck’ as Dialogue

Originally posted on Healing Through Connection:
Hello again friends, and Happy New Year!  It feels good to be back.  Diving right in with long form again… This recent article from Wired got me thinking (again), there are so many layers and moving parts to healthcare reform, that no one player stands to lose all or…

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Attacked by Kittens: A Cricklewood Road Tale

When a cat stares at me I imagine it saying “I’ll bet you taste like tuna.”

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Real Food, Real People, Real Americans: In Praise of Organic Farmers

And yes, I know how elitist I am, supporting hippies…living on farms they tend with their own hands…

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2016: What We Lost

  America lost it’s first man in space–a statesman and an astronaut. It also lost a formidable first lady, a supreme court justice, and it’s first female US attorney general. Hollywood lost a sassy space age princess with a snarkey sense of humor. A famous mother lost her beloved daughter. A brother and son lost …

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