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Living With A Conscience: Joy, Pain and the Pursuit of Happiness

Great Joy. Great Pain. This is life.


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Gratitude, Greeting Cards and the Biography of Our Lives

Two weeks after my father passed away I opened his closet to start sorting through his clothes. The shelf above the closet rod where his clothes hung was crowded with numerous heavy, bulging plastic bags. I pulled one down and looked inside. It was packed full of greeting cards. I pulled another one down. Same …

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When the Nocturnal’s Come Out

I like the dark side of the day. When the planet turns it’s face, at least the side I inhabit, away from the sun. Things change. People go inside, traffic dies down, the heat subsides, and the nocturnals come out again. Of course, I also like to sleep. But that isn’t always easy around here. …

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Summertime Rituals: The Ice Cream Truck

  I heard it again in the distance. The tinny sound of a player piano. The musical theme song from “The Sting”. It took a moment for my brain to process what I was hearing into logical thought. Then I remembered. “It’s the ice cream man!” I forgot all about him. He came around last …

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The Refreshingly Human Art of People Watching

  When I flew home last month after my family visit I engaged in one of my favorite activities. I did some people watching. I love people watching. I try to be discreet of course, but it’s not such a big deal these days because nobody really looks at anybody else anymore so how would …

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The End of The Rainbow: Thoughts on Life, Family, Friendship and a Sense of Place

The slant of the sun that turns the rain into silver strands of Christmas tree tinsel isn’t sufficient magic anymore. I’m even getting tired of rainbows.

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Autonomy, Monogamy, The Tree and Me: An Analogy of Love and Marriage

Where the touch of the lover ends And the soul of the friend begins There’s a need to be separate and a need to be one And a struggle neither wins  ©From the song Sky Blue and Black by Jackson Browne  The old man flew away recently to visit family for a week. It was …

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Intelligent But Lacks Motivation: The Story of a Bad Student

I was a straight A student and completely enamored with learning when I started elementary school. My first grade teacher, Miss Grey, was a peach. I loved her, which was a relief because my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Becker, was kind of a bitch. She made me sit in the corner during nap time once for …

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Girlfriends, Omnivores and Tossed Salads

Sometimes I suspect I have been cultivating degrees of separation all my life. Usually I blame it on my natural inclinations, being something of a loner who can mimic an extrovert fairly convincingly when the occasion dictates. I’m either an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert. It’s too complex to figure out and it’s really …

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My Immigration Story

My mother’s father was an immigrant from Sicily, as were her maternal grandparents. I never met them. They existed for me in imagination only, stimulated by the sepia photographs, postcards and letters, some written in a language I could not decipher, that my mother kept in a big cardboard box in her closet. They lived …

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