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Monthly Archives: March, 2017

Intelligent But Lacks Motivation: The Story of a Bad Student

I was a straight A student and completely enamored with learning when I started elementary school. My first grade teacher, Miss Grey, was a peach. I loved her, which was a relief because my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Becker, was kind of a bitch. She made me sit in the corner during nap time once for …

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The Virgin Mary, Good Drugs, and the “C” Word

Next year I will turn sixty. Which pisses me off a little. When you turn sixty people start to treat you differently. Especially your health insurance provider and doctors, who start sending you reminders to get a flu shot, a Hep C test, a shingles shot, blah, blah, blah. Obviously you are approaching a turning …

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The Gifts

      It’s the  industry of  robins poking in the grass It’s the  playfulness of flickers circling the tree It’s the hip hop of  the blue jays ravaging the feeder It’s the flutter and the chatter of the chickadees.   It’s the somersaults of otters rolling in the river It’s the glide of the …

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I Never Suffered

I fell down. I didn’t break. I got lost and ran wild. I found my way. I often bled. I always healed.   I always had a home. I never missed a meal.   I never had to run. I never had to hide. I had my country on my side. I had family. I …

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