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Monthly Archives: January, 2016

Home Improvement: Drywalling–Keeping it a Hundred Percent

And you have regained your composure and your focus and you can go sit down in the corner of the living room where all the furniture is piled together in front of the TV, away from the “Work Zone”, and dream about how clean, organized and uncluttered your little love nest will be. Someday. As you rub drywall dust off your teeth with your fingers.


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Reaching for Relevance: I’m Learning as Fast as I Can

  A writer friend of mine recently encouraged me to keep writing, because, we need to keep ¬†our generation¬†(we are both in our late fifties) relevant. Up until that moment I knew that I was struggling with something, I felt a little down, a little old, a little slow. But I didn’t realize that what …

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The Trials and Tribulations of DIY-itis

DIYitis. It’s an addiction, an obsession, it’s definitely a form of mental illness. Only insanity could explain the way your mind works when you have DIYitis.

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Need Erectile Dysfunction: Go Here

My email in-box is a major spam depository for every form of deceptive and detestable web-advertising imaginable. On average, I receive 40 or 50 spam mails a day. Sometimes it’s enough to piss a person off. But sometimes, and this is how bad my life has gotten, it’s good for a laugh. Scrolling through the …

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