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Campgrounds Take Some Growing Into

The old man and I just returned from a short beach vacation in a State Park campground. Us and a hundred or so other old people. And five or six kids too young to be back at school who managed to worm their way into Grandma and Grandpa’s camping trip. It was very peaceful and quiet. There …


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Wallace Stegner on Human Progress

“We are a wild species. Nobody ever tamed or domesticated or scientifically bred us. But for at least three millennia we have been engaged in a cumulative and ambitious race to modify and gain control of our environment, and in the process we have come close to domesticating ourselves. Not many people are likely, any …

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Sally Tisdale on The West

“And who hasn’t leaned west, at least once? Caught in the longing for something far off, over a hill, around a bend–something just glimpsed in the falling sunlight of evening and tinted gold. We are each caught that way once or twice, struck dumb by the possibility of a life altogether new. And some of …

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