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Monthly Archives: January, 2018

Self Improvement for Seniors: Living Dangerously

harness; helmet; gloves; and oh, first things first, your pad, My Lady. 

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Without Wings

Here at the edge of the world Where the enchanted woods Hug the crumbling cliffs Doing the soft slide together Down onto the beach… Each visit brings a new landscape.   But the eagle’s roost still stands: Two white heads Four yellow eyes. And vision that pierces Earthly artifice.   As we pass by On …


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Retrospective in Retrospect: The Long Term Effects of 2017 on a Weak Blogger’s Mind

  I tried to write a 2017 retrospective blog post and failed. Which was fitting, since 2017 in a nutshell equals: Sucked. Big Suck. Lately, since November at least, I am too mentally exhausted to write anything more than a few sentences at a time. And the paltry words I do manage to tack together …

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