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Monthly Archives: November, 2016

The Politically Disconnected

So many of us feel frustrated with the election outcome. I know I personally feel like my pro-environment, anti-discrimination, pro-labor and worker’s rights politics are pretty much irrelevant now. Enough voters seemed to vote against that kind of representation that I must be out of step with my fellow Americans, right? I’m unsure. I can’t …


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Sexual Assault and the Deplorables

I was sexually assaulted. In broad day light. On a bright and sunny afternoon as I walked to work in a middle class neighborhood in south Tacoma, Washington. I was in my early twenties, working a retail job in a strip mall. I was walking down 56th street a couple of blocks from my home. …

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An Essay for My Sister on Her 55th Birthday

When I was three years old my parents told me I would be getting a new sibling…a baby. They brought me in their bedroom. Daddy sat on the bed and I stood before him holding his hands. Mom was standing at the end of the bed, smiling happily, as we discussed names for the new …

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Purse Theft

I don’t want to steal anybody’s money, credit cards, identity or lipstick. I just want to steal their purses.

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