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Daylight Saving’s Time: Like Money in The Bank

I love this time of year. Longer days, later sunsets, a bump-up in the sense of value on each day’s returns.

I don’t mind changing the clocks. It gives me something to look forward to. It seems like a proper ritual to make in hopes of hastening Spring along.

Come on. We’re waiting here. This is how anxious we are for your arrival–

We will give up an hour of sleep for you.


Blue Marrowstone


Daylight Saving’s Time. It’s a great little moniker really. Who doesn’t want to save a little daylight?

Put it in your coat pocket, perhaps, and save it until Winter. Take it out at 4:17 PM on Wednesday, December 12th, as you drive home from work. Like an early Christmas present.

It’s odd how it does kind of feel like a savings account we dipped into to finance these longer days. A Certificate of Light Deposit.

I look forward to it every year. Like a tonic.

Like big fat red rhubarb stalks.

And the return of the robins.


Ilona Elliott

And the bumble bees.

It’s not Spring, really, but there are days that can fool you into thinking it is.

I’ll take them. Make them mine. I can stay in on the cold dark days. But not on the bright ones.



Me and Cosmo

The Author (on the right)


  1. goodness-I grumbled about this in a post recently and was struck by a clock later! true story-lovely post.

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  2. The cherry blossoms are going a little crazy here and it felt like summer on Sunday! That picture of Blue Marrowstone reminds me of the little trip you were taking up to Port Townsend not too long ago. Did you have fun up there? Have a good weekend, Ilona.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The warmer temps are such a treat TF! We haven’t been to the Island since October. We planned a couple of trips but cancelled because Cosmo is suffering a from arthritis in his hips and an old injury to his ACL. We cannot throttle him back on the beach so we haven’t been. Miss it. Hope you all have lots of little adventures this spring to write about TF.


  3. I love your attitude! But I don’t like changing the clocks. Can’t they make them like cell phones that automatically change?? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Or we could all get pet monkeys and train them to do it for us while we sleep, lol.


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