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Mantras for Old Age

This mantra has a deep, dark black aura, the color of a black hole in space whose gravitational pull is all powerful, completely unavoidable, and ultimately fatal. Just like old age.

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My Bling Fling with Body Holes

I didn’t really miss the earrings because my hair was so big you couldn’t see them anyways, and if I wore dangly earrings they were in danger of bumping into my shoulder pads

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Toilet Paper is Hard to Write On (and other helpful advice)

This is a revelation to me. Or maybe I already knew it but forgot. That happens a lot lately. I guess it might be because I don’t often have the need to write on toilet paper. Maybe because unlike most every poor woman in those cheesy Made for TV movies, I’ve never been abducted by …


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Ponderous Questions to Ponder

I didn’t write much in 2020. I never felt like I had enough wisdom to write insightfully about anything important and I lacked the proper frame of mind to write light and witty. I wish I had the gift of someone like Dave Chappelle who can cut to the quick and make you laugh simultaneously. …

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Pandemics, Proselytizers, Politics and Pollsters

Maybe, as he’s getting closer to death, he is hedging his bets…

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Aging: The Incredible Lameness of Being Old

A Life after Sixty Series Post From September to June, on most Tuesdays, I attend Jewelry workshops at the nearby college. It’s mostly a bunch of old broads and a couple of token guys, almost all of us senior citizens. The college gives the over 50 “Lifelong Learners” in the community a nice discount on …

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Fifty Shades of Rain

Rain hangs about the place, like a friendly ghost. If it’s not coming down in delicate droplets, then it’s in buckets; and if neither, then it tends to lurk suspiciously about in the atmosphere. Barbara Acton-Bond It’s the twenty third of January, and I swear we haven’t had a day without rain since the New …

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The Tomb of The Abandoned House Cat: A DIY Holiday Story

It’s all just too frightening to think about, especially with Halloween being over now and the merry and bright holidays coming…

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Life After Sixty: Idle Threats

If we ever run out of food due to nuclear holocaust, at least I will know where to forage for bits of protein and fiber.

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A Van Named “Christine?”

…I haven’t heard him cooing the name Christine yet as he’s buffing the back bumper…

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