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Monthly Archives: August, 2017

Things I Don’t Know But Think I Might

The longer I live the more I realize how much I don’t know.  For people like me who are always trying to understand things, not knowing that I know something but thinking that I might is frustrating. I like knowing stuff. Which is hard, because I forget so much. That’s where it get’s dangerous, because …


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Re-blog courtesy of William Pearse of Pink Light Sabre

In the morning the street lamps are still on past 6 with their long, dinosaur necks and pink/peach, lit-up heads. I set my alarm for 3 AM but got up before it went off, sailed past Tacoma and Olympia around 4, and it never was so easy on the 5. Got to the ranger station […] …

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On Being a Snowflake

A while back, someone on a conservative friends FB page made a comment about Left Coast snowflakes that made me realize, I qualify as a snowflake. Awesome! Snowflakes are COOL! Snowflakes are beautiful. Snowflakes are unique. Snowflakes are complex structures. Snowflakes are symmetrical and asymmetrical formations, so no, they are not all the same. Snowflakes …

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The Cost of Forgetting: Pretty Damn Pricey

George Santayana is credited with the quote: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Of course this is true. If it were not so, the first war would have been the last. Nor would there be facisim. Or Nazi’s.  Who would repeat such atrocities if they had remembrance of the original …

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Reblog, Again, from David Kanigan at Live and Learn

Excerpts from The Whispering Leaves of the Hiroshima Ginkgo Trees by Ariel Dorfman: On Aug. 6, 1945, a 14-year-old schoolboy named Akihiro Takahashi was knocked unconscious by a deafening roar and a flash of blinding light. When he awoke, he found that he had been thrown many yards by the detonation of the atom bomb …

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Thanks to Life in The Boomer Lane for this LOL Post

Those readers who are convinced that North Korean missiles are now, even as we speak, headed this way, have no need to continue reading this blog post. If you truly believe you have mere moments left, you certainly don’t want to spend them wallowing in Life in the Boomer Lane’s depleted mental universe. Please come …

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I Scream, You Scream: Stalked by the Ice Cream Man

A few days ago I posted a little essay about the ice cream truck that frequents our neighborhood. We really like the fact that we have an ice cream truck that comes around, especially since lately we have been out working in the ninety plus degree heat for several hours a day. He generally comes about the …

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Reblog from David Kanigan, Live and Learn

Over the years we’ve brought you a handful of video essays about the relationship between visual and cinematic art, how directors will borrow from famous paintings and sculptures in their framing, but never before have we brought you such an essay that focuses exclusively on the influence of one artist. Thanks to editor Ignacio Montalvo, […] …

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Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

The weather forecast is for gradually moderating temperatures. It’s a hopeful thought that I try to hold on to as I breath, in and out, the ashes of a world on fire. 

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Reblog from Life in The Boomer Lane: What we’ve all been waiting for–Trump News, really!

Many of you may believe that there is no need for a news show devoted to The Long Red Tie, since CNN and MSNBC talk of little else. What more can possibly be covered, you ask. Not so fast with the assumptions. CNN and MSNBC, as we all now know, are fake news organizations, not […] …

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