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Life is a Trip and Then You Die

…I feel things just as deeply, I experience life just as fiercely…

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I’m off to the East Coast tomorrow to visit family. I haven’t seen them in two years, and I’m especially happy to be spending time with my only sister. It sucks, big suck, living so far away. In honor of the journey, I’m sharing an essay I wrote about the last trip I made to …


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Beauty and Pain

“Shut up. BEAUTY IS PAIN!” my sister yelled at me. It was meant to be funny and it was. Sort of. She was helping me dye my hair. I was complaining that shit was getting in my eyes as she rinsed my hair in the kitchen sink. There was no sympathy there, just a sharp …

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To Half and Half Not and Other Quirky Behaviors

I’m embarrassed by the idea of some studly young trauma center intern sewing up my hairy leg. Please God, let it be the shaved one.

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Choosing to be Childless

At the time, I was feeling a little bit like babies are wonderful and we should have one, and he wasn’t the first person to hint that I should just let it happen

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Sometimes her mind goes wandering and takes her back in time To when dreams were possibilities and the future, undefined When time stretched out in front of her like endless golden threads Reaching to eternity, too young to understand, That time is such a luxury it’s wasted in young hands Her family roots are humble, …

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