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Monthly Archives: March, 2016

The Rain is Pain and I’ve Got Bats in the Belfry

    The rain is starting to get on my nerves this year. I know, I know–we needed a good wet/cold/snowy in the Cascades flooding in the Chehalis Basin kind of winter after the last couple of years of drought here in the Northwest. And I’m trying so hard not to be selfish and not …


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Honorable Mentions: Blog Recognition Award

My blog friend Jean Marie at mixtapes and cupcakes nominated me for a blog recognition award. She’s a slice of life blogger with an astute sense of humor, something I appreciate. Thanks Jean for the shout out! I guess there are a few obligations that go with such a recognition. Luckily none of them involve getting your …

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Life, Death And Music: Listening with Intention

  Have you listened to any music lately? I mean, really listened. Like your life depended on it. Put the head phones on, turned out the lights and tuned into it heart and soul. Immersed yourself until your brain pulled out the bubbling of the keyboards, the resonant undertones of the bass guitar, the airy …

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DIY Drama: Crabby Dogs, Achey Husbands and Nowhere to Rest my Weary Bones

  There’s nowhere to sit around here, so I’m in bed working at my laptop. I’m hoping nothing bursts into flames while I’m working since we we did get some kind of exploding battery warning from Toshiba last week which we didn’t pay much attention to. Just call me Brave Heart. Or Stupid. We are …

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Blog, Blog, Blog: It’s All Good

Writing is a solitary activity. It can get pretty lonely. Especially if you live in a rural location, take online courses and have no real friends. Which isn’t me, of course. I’m just sayin. Which is why I have been enjoying blogging more than I thought I would when I first started. There are some …

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