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Monthly Archives: February, 2016

Gratitude and the Middle Class

Never look down on the people at the bottom of the ladder who may seem ignorant but are most likely just uneducated.

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Weight a Minute, Don’t Lie to Me or You Will Die-t!

It will taste so scrumptious when you sprinkle on a few herbs and black pepper, but no salt, what are you an idiot?

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Slack Slack Slack They Call Him the Slacker

I told him it was a dog pancake for him because it was Valentines Day, and he laughed and said “It’s Valentines Day??”

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DIY Tales: When the Dust Settles

  I spent the afternoon in a DIY haze…of drywall dust. If you read my last post on DIYitis, you know how much I love the task. NOT. But it was the last session of applying mud, drying, and sanding to perfection for our little New Years Eve project. Yes, I know it’s February 13th. …


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Dangerous Times for Truth

  These are dangerous times for truth. Especially¬†on the internet. The internet can make you crazy. It can convince you of things that just aren’t true. Like that Obama is a mom’s jeans wearing secret evil Muslim who wants to outlaw all your handguns and kill your grandma to save health care dollars. Or that …

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Fat Dog, Fat Mommy: The Shameful Truth

we switched to a high quality slightly less expensive chicken and rice food with one of those wholesome sounding names–Whole Earth Farms or some other such nonsense. It sounded nice. Of course we knew it was not produced on a dog friendly hippy commune farm in sunny California, but most likely in a dog food plant in the industrial section of some mid-western town, hopefully NOT named Flint, but it sounded nice.

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