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Blog, Blog, Blog: It’s All Good

Writing is a solitary activity. It can get pretty lonely. Especially if you live in a rural location, take online courses and have no real friends. Which isn’t me, of course. I’m just sayin.

Which is why I have been enjoying blogging more than I thought I would when I first started. There are some cool people out here on wordpress.com. Despite my introverted life style, I love people. And hey, bloggers are people! Some pretty cool people too, I must say.

I’m finding that bloggers are a very diverse group of people and it’s reflected in the variety of blogs you find here. There are bloggers who are very serious about the craft of writing. Some promote their writing here and have sophisticated blogs. There are helpful blogs too, for writers and bloggers by writers and bloggers. They’re the teachers among us. Other bloggers are playful and just having fun and saying outrageous things–like your favorite high school pal who made you spew milk in the cafeteria. I really enjoy them. It’s  a little dangerous sitting in front of a laptop though. Put the coffee down when you read their blogs.

There are brave bloggers too, writing, some quite candidly, about difficult journeys through divorce, illness, grief and loss. Sometimes their posts are so moving and deep. They can be raw and honest and, at times, painful to read. But so necessary. These blogs are like a support group available twenty-four/seven for people going through difficult times. How wonderful!

There are uplifting blogs that focus on positive thinking and words of wisdom. There are funny, snarkey-whiney blogs about first world problems we all relate to but don’t have the nerve to complain about out loud. Those are always best with a thick coating of sarcastic humor. Like coated aspirin, they go down easier.

Some bloggers write about their travel journeys revealing their most interesting discoveries and with helpful reviews of their destinations. I love the ones where their enthusiasm for travel jumps off the page at you. All color, and light, and photographs that get you there, too.

Some blogs are quite visual, full of beautiful images, alone or accompanied by words. Some blogs are all about the words. I enjoy thoughtful bloggers who write philosophically, in plain words or eloquent prose. They always make me think. And I really like to think.

There are blogs that are a combination of moods–funny, sweet, serious, ranting. Slices of a real life. That’s my blog style. I’m not sure, but I think it’s my casual and random nature that comes out when I blog. Although I couldn’t rule out schizophrenia.

I enjoy food blogs, garden blogs, DIY blogs, family blogs. Funny blogs, sad blogs, deep blogs, frivolous blogs. Dog blogs, cat blogs, horse blogs, chicken blogs. Blog. Blog. Blog. It’s all good. It’s all people writing. It’s all people reading. For fun, for therapy, for support, for knowledge sharing, or simply for the sake of communicating.

From the bloggers view point, it’s not all fun and games. It’s often about working through it and processing it and getting it down into words. It’s the hard work of expressing ourselves and doing it well. It’s a damn healthy pursuit, I think. And for the reader, it’s a great big juicy slice of humanity to sample and savor and share if you are so inclined.

So yes, I enjoy blogging. Not just because I can get my stuff down and into words, but more because of the other people out here, sharing their worlds with me–word by word, comment by comment, image by image. It’s a small world here in the blogosphere. You may be many thousands of miles away from me, in a different state or on a different continent, but you’re right here in my kitchen too. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m glad to be a part of it. There have been times over the last year that I’ve questioned what the point was. I could be trying to write a book instead, of course, but it might never get published, never be read. And even if ten people read this blog, which is highly likely, well that’s ten people I’ve gotten to share my thoughts with, some who will be generous enough to share their thoughts with me too, and that, as Martha says, is a good thing.

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  1. Great post! I was listening to a podcast a couple of weeks ago and they were talking about how the Internet has given people a space to create without needing permission. I love that idea. I started my blog as a way to jumpstart my writing “career.” Now I realize it is my writing career. It may never go beyond this and that’s ok. I have great company here! It’s really inspiring.


    • Yes, me too. What I’ve found is there are supposedly tricks to drive your site traffic up, but I’m really more interested in writing my posts, reading others, and interacting with fellow bloggers. There is plenty of inspiration, isn’t there! Thanks for your comments.

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  2. I feel the exact same way. This whole post really resonated with me. Nicely done. 😊

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    • I guess we are the underachievers in the blogging world. Story of my life–heheh. Actually, I don’t want it to feel like a job or an obsession, just an outlet and an opportunity to speak to and listen to other folks I wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to meet. Thanks for your comment!

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  3. When I started out on WordPress nearly five years ago, I didn’t mind if my site flew under the radar for awhile. Suffice to say, I got my wish and more. I’ve since contented myself with being a tinkerer. It’s easier to find nice little surprises like the writer/essayist, Ilona Elliott.


    • TF I feel the same way. Some blogs, like yours and mine, aren’t easy to catagorize. Little glimpses into the lives and minds of others. I so enjoy reading your little adventures with your boys and camera! They’re inspiring! Thanks for commenting.


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