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Monthly Archives: April, 2016

I Liked Me, but I Didn’t Mean it

It’s a little embarrassing to be as technically inept as I am and try to keep a blog going. I keep managing to like my own posts. I’m not doing it on purpose. I don’t know how I’m doing it. I think it happens somehow when I try to like and approve other peoples comments. …

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Every Day IS Earth Day

Happy Belated Earth Day. Does it seem odd to anyone else that we have designated one day of the year as Earth Day? Shouldn’t every day be Earth Day? If you think about it, every day IS Earth Day. For Us. We wake up in the morning and go to bed at night on the …

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Weighty Issues: I Surrender, Bring out The White Flags. (Better make em black, white makes me look fat.)

One day, a couple decades ago,  I looked down at my thighs and realized I had cellulite on the FRONT of my thighs. SAY IT ISN’T SO! I freaked out. I was getting close to forty by then, and I didn’t take it sitting down. I worked out harder, did more squats and walked the …

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The Incredible Lightness of Being My Brain

My brain is such a light weight. Which pisses me off. I feed it really well. Lots of books, educational programming and internet searches heavy on information, continuing ed courses, and it’s still scrawny as a tweaker. Despite the fact that I’m constantly trying to cram more information into it, it remains stubbornly and incredibly …

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Beauty and Pain

“Shut up. BEAUTY IS PAIN!” my sister yelled at me. It was meant to be funny and it was. Sort of. She was helping me dye my hair. I was complaining that shit was getting in my eyes as she rinsed my hair in the kitchen sink. There was no sympathy there, just a sharp …

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To Half and Half Not and Other Quirky Behaviors

I’m embarrassed by the idea of some studly young trauma center intern sewing up my hairy leg. Please God, let it be the shaved one.

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Adventures in Automotive Wonderland: A Mediocre Wife’s Confessions

My husband is a Car Guy. He bought his first car, a black primer 1955 Chevy, at the tender age of fifteen. His father took it away  from him before he was sixteen. Apparently, mysterious black rubber burn out tracks started appearing in the street in front of his house while he was at work, …

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My Jesus: No Apologies

I’d like to tell you about my Jesus. You know, my personal vision of a Messiah. Mine is based on scripture and personal observation. I’m not saying this is THE JESUS. This is MY JESUS. He’s a really cool guy. He’s not loud mouthed or hot-headed or politically incorrect. He loves people and animals and …

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