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Monthly Archives: March, 2020

What I Miss Right Now…

Playgrounds full of red cheeked children. The freedom to hug and be hugged. The anticipation of summer concert people dancing on the grass. A normal day at the grocery store. A face that doesn’t itch like poison ivy every time I’m in public. Ditto for the urge to sneeze. The assumption that my sore throat …

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The Spirit of Italy is Alive and Well

The people in Italy are serenading one another from open windows and balconies. I hope the dying can hear them. Dio Benedica L’Italia.      

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Aging: The Incredible Lameness of Being Old

A Life after Sixty Series Post From September to June, on most Tuesdays, I attend Jewelry workshops at the nearby college. It’s mostly a bunch of old broads and a couple of token guys, almost all of us senior citizens. The college gives the over 50 “Lifelong Learners” in the community a nice discount on …

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