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Monthly Archives: November, 2015

For the Refugees May the wings of the angels open to shield you. May the skies that you’re travelling under be blue. May the kindness of strangers help to heal you. May the goodness of your fellow man be revealed to you.   May the sustenance you feed your children be enough. May the seas …


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The Archives of a Life

I am the archive’s keeper of my family. I took the task on after my mother died, but I was thinking about the position long before that. For as long as I can remember, there’s been a brown cardboard box full of photos and memorabilia my mother saved over the course of her life. That …

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Writing Yourself to Sleep

I’ve been trying to fall asleep for at least the last ninety minutes. It isn’t working. It’s tough to sleep when your mind is swimming with random thoughts and punishing self re-crimination over those late afternoon cups of coffee you scoffed down with a half-dozen amaretto cookies. So here I sit trying to remember the …

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Blowing Up The IS Narrative

America has an opportunity to show the Muslim world some love. We can try to heal some wounds. We can try to win hearts and minds by practicing Christian kindness. Or not… I know, I know…there are a whole lot of people out there feeling no love right now for anyone practicing Islam. That is because …

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Let’s Try to Be Helpful in the Wake of Tragedy

The terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday have opened a lot of poorly healed wounds here in the United States. They seem to get torn open again and again without any hope of ever truly healing. And people here get upset and say crazy things sometimes. We should try to curb that practice. It doesn’t …

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Finding Community in a Foreign Country

I’ve been away from social media for a while. I was on an adventure. Well, technically I was getting ready for my adventure, then I was adventuring, then I was recuperating from all the adventurous activity. Now I am back to my boring life in a po-dunk railroad town in Western Washington. The old man, …

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Teach What You Are Learning

Originally posted on Truth and Cake:
Photo: Sachin Khona. We are here to teach what we are learning. Not just what we’ve figured out and crystallized. ? What we are scraping at, seduced by, frustrated with, in love with. What we think about in secret. What we worry we will never be good enough at.…

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