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Life, Death And Music: Listening with Intention


Photo: Ilona Elliott


Have you listened to any music lately? I mean, really listened. Like your life depended on it. Put the head phones on, turned out the lights and tuned into it heart and soul. Immersed yourself until your brain pulled out the bubbling of the keyboards, the resonant undertones of the bass guitar, the airy percussive beat of the drums or the sliding yin and yang chords of the strings? I like to think of it as listening with intention. When you do, you hear so much more than if you just use music as background to other more “important” activities. It’s my favorite escape. It’s my drug of choice. And I highly recommend it.

I love music. I dare say I need music. Give me music or give me death.  Life without it would be an entirely different experience. I’m sure that technically, I could live without it, but I’m equally sure that I wouldn’t want to.

Music is my companion through good times and bad. Music is my friend, my adviser, my educator, my mentor. Music lifts me up in one place and always puts me down in another, better and different place. Like a good road trip, music draws my thoughts out in long ribbons that unravel  from my center upward and outward to the world around me.

Music is my mind opener. It’s my eye opener. It’s the condiment that brings flavor to my life. It’s the pigment that adds color to it. Without it things would be bland and neutral. Having loved music and immersed myself in it’s rhythms and chords, it’s hard riffs and soft edges, it’s melodies and lyrics and it’s incredible diversity of sound and sentiment for all of my life, I can’t imagine the world without it. So it’s always a little hard when some incredible music maker dies. I’m always so thankful for their lives and their creativity and the blessings of their music.

Another musical magician is crossing over tonight to whatever realm these creative beings inhabit when they spin up out of our earthly bounds and into the heavenly realms. His name is Keith Emerson and he was a musical genius.

Imagine this: that all the earths former musicians are out there, somewhere, making some indescribably beautiful thing that is what we would call music because that is what we know, but that is really so much more because it encompasses all cultures, eras and genres of music from the beginnings of time. It includes the songs of the birds and the humming of the insects and the whispering of the winds. It soars and crashes and streams and swirls and it sings and sighs and it fills the universe. It’s live streaming 24 hours a day. For all eternity. We just have to wait our turn to plug in. No headphones required.

Blessings for your journey Keith.


©2016 Ilona Elliott

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  1. I agree that music is core and central. It can change moods and heal emotions.
    RIP Keith Emerson

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