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Gate A-4

Originally posted on Live & Learn:
Gate A-4 By Naomi Shihab Nye: Wandering around the Albuquerque Airport Terminal, after learning my flight had been delayed four hours, I heard an announcement: “If anyone in the vicinity of Gate A-4 understands any Arabic, please come to the gate immediately.” Well— one pauses these days. Gate A-4 was…


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The Refreshingly Human Art of People Watching

  When I flew home last month after my family visit I engaged in one of my favorite activities. I did some people watching. I love people watching. I try to be discreet of course, but it’s not such a big deal these days because nobody really looks at anybody else anymore so how would …

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Shit Happens, Hopefully…

My husband is in the throes of prepping for a colonoscopy tomorrow, so he’s having a shi**y night. I feel guilty eating anything, and find myself trying to consume a dark chocolate almond with sea salt Kind bar behind his back. They’re his favorite. Bad choice. He hears me crunching, ever so quietly, and says …

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In Memory of Dori Smith: Thoughts On the Death of The Body, and The Life of The Spirit

© 2017 by Ilona Elliott C.S. Lewis once wrote about how grief feels like fear. It does too. It kind of sucker punches you. The grief that accompanies death is the most fearsome. I have a friend who is in the clutches of that grief right now, having lost her only daughter. My heart is …

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Lex Talionis Unleashed: The Art of the Escalation — The Green Study

Lately, as the airwaves and data bytes have been poisoned with yet another presidential online freak out, I’ve been reading the comments from various sources. People say things like if you get hit, you hit back harder and he’s just fighting fire with fire. It’s emblematic of any toxic relationship I’ve ever had – from […] …

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