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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Disenfranchised in My Own Living Room

©2016 by Ilona Elliott I don’t sit in the living room much anymore. The reality of this was made clear to me today when I walked over to the couch and grabbed the remote to turn off the TV, and caught the lovely late afternoon light playing on the cobwebs that had formed on my …

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I Rant Help Myself

I haven’t had a good rant in a very long time. Why it must be a couple of hours at least. So I need to vent a little bit of first world frustration. So here’s a list of ten things I’m tired tired tired of: Trains blowing their whistles at the train crossing down the …

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You Are the Author of Beauty

  An excerpt from the book The Eternal Wonder, by Pearl S. Buck, © 2013 by the Pearl S. Buck Family Trust: He put it to Mr. Kung. “Sir, is the purpose of art the enjoyment of beauty, or is it to provide a sort of work, even though enjoyable, for the artist?” Mr. Kung replied …

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On Aging and Loneliness

I’m sharing a link to this post, Loneliness, from a fellow blogger, George, at: The Off Key of Life. I think his words on loneliness, aging and the almost inevitable merging of the two in our fast paced, quickly changing society are wise and sensitive, as his post always are. It really spoke to me, as …

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City Beat

©2016 by Ilona Elliott   In the city, there are people, making music on the corners and music in the street, Though you know they gotta struggle just to find somethin to eat. In the city, there is energy, and the energy hums with a human beat In the city, there is energy, and it …

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