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Honorable Mentions: Blog Recognition Award

My blog friend Jean Marie at mixtapes and cupcakes nominated me for a blog recognition award. She’s a slice of life blogger with an astute sense of humor, something I appreciate. Thanks Jean for the shout out!

I guess there are a few obligations that go with such a recognition. Luckily none of them involve getting your hair done or even brushing your teeth, so I’m up for it.

Here we go:

Mention the award and the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog:

Check out Jean’s post concerning a recent family vacation in Branson, MO, here. Like I said, she is funny.

Share a little about your blog:

I’m random. My posts are about what ever is on my mind that I feel like writing about.

I try to interject humor into my posts whenever possible. We all need it. Especially in election years.

When writing op/ed or current event posts, I try to be gentle and not bash anyone or trample on other peoples beliefs. I try to write thoughtfully and with empathy. If I didn’t care about those qualities in  my online presence, I would just tweet thoughtless shit all day, but there’s enough of that to go around now, isn’t there?

Provide advice for new bloggers:

Alright, I get to be bossy!!

There are blogs all about blogging where you can get a lot of helpful information. Explore them. All of my advice is general…generally speaking…in general, that is.

Find your voice. Be authentic. Don’t try to write like anyone but your genuine self.

Write well. There is no substitute for it. If you’re a new writer as well as a new blogger, take writing classes. There are free and affordable online writing courses out there. Check with your local library. I’ve taken Gale courses for free through mine. Like an adolescent, give yourself time to develop…your writing, that is.

Read books on writing. Find writers whose style you like and read their books, (for inspiration, not for copy.) Ditto for bloggers and blogs. But remain true to yourself. This is your blog. Own it.

Recognize that blogging is a process. With practice you will get better at it.  You can chase numbers and research ways to increase your blog traffic, but in the end, it’s your writing practice that matters. Unless your selling something, then by all means, go for the traffic.

Visit other blogs and read and post comments on them.  There’s a person, and a story, behind every blog. That’s the beauty of it.

Relax and enjoy the process. Don’t fret if you get less attention than you might like. If you keep writing and writing well, people will take notice.

Don’t relax so much that you publish poorly written posts full of typos. People will take notice of that too. Treat a post as if you were submitting it for publication. It’s more time consuming, but it’s great practice.

Nominate Ten Blogs for Recognition:

Now it’s my turn to nominate ten blogs for this honor roll. Some I am sure have been nominated before so there’s no pressure on any of them to perfunctorily respond to this nomination. It’s just my personal recognition of blogs I enjoy. There are serious, silly, and everything in between blogs here. You might enjoy them too:

The Green Study

Story Time with John

Tyrannosaurus Fir

Aging Gracefully My Ass

Honest Me


The Off Key of Life

The Shameful Sheep

Transcribing Memory

Ben’s Bitter Blog











  1. Great advice! Especially the things you said about learning to write well and reading about writing. I am constantly learning new ways to improve my writing. Now if only I could learn to spell properly….


    • I know! It’s getting worse the older I get. I used to ace spelling in grammar school. Now it’s a real struggle. Of course so is tying my shoes. YEESH!

      Liked by 1 person

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