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On Aging and Loneliness

I’m sharing a link to this post, Loneliness, from a fellow blogger, George, at: The Off Key of Life. I think his words on loneliness, aging and the almost inevitable merging of the two in our fast paced, quickly changing society are wise and sensitive, as his post always are. It really spoke to me, as did the post of my blogger friend at Transcribing Memory who is both a care giver and transcriber of memories for her grandmother, who is in her late nineties. You can read her post Mornings at: Transcribing Memory.

Both of these posts hit home for me as I have had the responsibility and the pleasure of care giving for my Mom at the end of her life, and because I have always found friends in seniors, even as a young woman in my twenties, when my best friend, Hazel King, was in her seventies. At every stage of my life, I have learned important things from my elders.

And yet, I understand the process of being marginalized as you age. I feel it already, sometimes, at 58.

I hope you will read these posts and think a little bit about how you might ease the burden of loneliness and loss for someone also, just like the wonderful Italian policemen mentioned in George’s post, or like the loving grand daughter in-law at Transcribing Memory is in her daily life.

Or you might like to share a story of your own about reaching out. I think we could all use a little more warm and fuzzy news these days…

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