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My Bling Fling with Body Holes

I didn’t really miss the earrings because my hair was so big you couldn’t see them anyways, and if I wore dangly earrings they were in danger of bumping into my shoulder pads

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Toilet Paper is Hard to Write On (and other helpful advice)

This is a revelation to me. Or maybe I already knew it but forgot. That happens a lot lately. I guess it might be because I don’t often have the need to write on toilet paper. Maybe because unlike most every poor woman in those cheesy Made for TV movies, I’ve never been abducted by …


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Diets: Exorcising the Rear View

…whenever I try on clothes, I wish I had a swiveling head like an owl or that girl in The Exorcist.

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Living in The Country: Meet me Behind the Shop

I’m considering getting the old man a medic alert device. When he is out of my sight, there is no telling what he will get himself into. Today is a perfect example. Beautiful day. Warmest temperatures and bluest skies we’ve had this year. I’m in the kitchen peeling potatoes. He is tooling around on his …

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House Cleaning, Christmas Miracles, and The Wonderful World of The Old Man’s Imagination

My husband does believe in some things that I KNOW don’t exist. Like dishwashers that actually scrub a cheese omelet encrusted pan clean …

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Purse Theft

I don’t want to steal anybody’s money, credit cards, identity or lipstick. I just want to steal their purses.

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I Rant Help Myself: Soft Close Toilet Seats

  We have a brand new toilet in our house! Whooeey look at us! That makes two working toilets. One for each human. I think the dog is jealous. Of course we still only have two  accessible toilets on the days when the dog is not sprawled out in front of one of them, making it impossible …

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The Old Man and The Sea of $#!%

I spent several hours out in the old man’s shop today. I’ve been trying to avoid the place as much as possible the last couple of years. My typical trip down the drive to the shop is made in order to access the extra fridge we keep out there. Right by the door. So I …

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How to Not Spend Money

I hate shopping. It really makes me crabby. I haven’t always felt this way. When I was young and hadn’t made several really annoying long distance moves (too much stuff!) and was into accumulating things and was skinny and looked good in clothes, I liked it. Now I do everything I can to avoid it, …

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I Rant Help Myself

I haven’t had a good rant in a very long time. Why it must be a couple of hours at least. So I need to vent a little bit of first world frustration. So here’s a list of ten things I’m tired tired tired of: Trains blowing their whistles at the train crossing down the …

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