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I Never Suffered

I fell down. I didn’t break. I got lost and ran wild. I found my way. I often bled. I always healed.   I always had a home. I never missed a meal.   I never had to run. I never had to hide. I had my country on my side. I had family. I …

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Organizational Psychology and Saving the World

The people who created the problem cannot solve the problem

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My Jesus: No Apologies

I’d like to tell you about my Jesus. You know, my personal vision of a Messiah. Mine is based on scripture and personal observation. I’m not saying this is THE JESUS. This is MY JESUS. He’s a really cool guy. He’s not loud mouthed or hot-headed or politically incorrect. He loves people and animals and …

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Violence and Creativity: Questions to ponder. by Ilona Elliott

What compels someone to kill? What makes a person so angry, or disillusioned, or fearful, or enraged, that they feel like they need to destroy the essence of another human life in order to squelch those powerful emotions? How do we address violence in our society, particularly gun violence? Do we start with violence in …

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