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Girlfriends, Omnivores and Tossed Salads

Sometimes I suspect I have been cultivating degrees of separation all my life. Usually I blame it on my natural inclinations, being something of a loner who can mimic an extrovert fairly convincingly when the occasion dictates. I’m either an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert. It’s too complex to figure out and it’s really …

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An Essay for My Sister on Her 55th Birthday

When I was three years old my parents told me I would be getting a new sibling…a baby. They brought me in their bedroom. Daddy sat on the bed and I stood before him holding his hands. Mom was standing at the end of the bed, smiling happily, as we discussed names for the new …

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I’m off to the East Coast tomorrow to visit family. I haven’t seen them in two years, and I’m especially happy to be spending time with my only sister. It sucks, big suck, living so far away. In honor of the journey, I’m sharing an essay I wrote about the last trip I made to …

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