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Aging: The Incredible Lameness of Being Old

A Life after Sixty Series Post From September to June, on most Tuesdays, I attend Jewelry workshops at the nearby college. It’s mostly a bunch of old broads and a couple of token guys, almost all of us senior citizens. The college gives the over 50 “Lifelong Learners” in the community a nice discount on …


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Life is a Trip and Then You Die

…I feel things just as deeply, I experience life just as fiercely…

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A Van Named “Christine?”

…I haven’t heard him cooing the name Christine yet as he’s buffing the back bumper…

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Charades Anyone?

Life after Sixty Series The old man and I play a lot of charades lately. And no, we aren’t particularly keen on party games. Nor are we attempting to relive our summer camp experiences (because we never had any.) Well, maybe the old man did a couple of boy scout camps but they didn’t play …

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we can smell wood smoke in the air and taste snowflakes on our tongues

Wonderful post reblogged from Live and Learn by David Kanigan: via we can smell wood smoke in the air and taste snowflakes on our tongues

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Self Improvement for Seniors: Living Dangerously

harness; helmet; gloves; and oh, first things first, your pad, My Lady. 

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Groucho Marx and My Mediterranean Ancestors

Back in 1968, I was the Groucho Marx of ten year olds. I have the school picture to prove it. I had very thick eyebrows. They weren’t dark like Groucho’s, PTL for small miracles, but they were heavy. I also had some facial hair issues that sprouted up around that time, thanks to the glories …

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