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Fifty Shades of Rain

Rain hangs about the place, like a friendly ghost. If it’s not coming down in delicate droplets, then it’s in buckets; and if neither, then it tends to lurk suspiciously about in the atmosphere. Barbara Acton-Bond It’s the twenty third of January, and I swear we haven’t had a day without rain since the New …

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Puget Sound: A Brief Memoir

For a time we lived near the Puget Sound. We would ride the shore roads into town, winding through tall trees and small neighborhoods with views across the water to the city. It floated there, a beacon of creative energy and industry and motion. It’s light at night cast a glow even we could see …

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A Tequila Sunrise And The Burning of Multnomah Falls

The sun resembled a slice of molten pink grapefruit this morning, partially obscured by the green lace of fir and cedar branches on the eastern edge of the yard. It made for an interesting composition framed by the wide expanse of clerestory windows over the bed. Sunrise in Western Washington isn’t usually such a spectacle. Sunsets …

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Campgrounds Take Some Growing Into

The old man and I just returned from a short beach vacation in a State Park campground. Us and a hundred or so other old people. And five or six kids too young to be back at school who managed to worm their way into Grandma and Grandpa’s camping trip. It was very peaceful and quiet. There …

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Love Rain’s

The rains came…the bleakness and austerity of the drought is driven back by showers and boisterous marine air. The sky is scoured clean of the haze and smog that had funneled over from the wildfires to the east. Fire behaviors have moderated under the influence of the moister air. It’s a long-awaited relief. Somehow, despite …

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Northwest Wildfires…Where There’s Smoke

The Northwest is on fire. I can smell it in the air. Smoke.  It’s in the light of the sky. Ten O’clock in the morning and the sky still has the yellow pallor of dawn. My Facebook page holds images of landscapes on fire, charred homes and businesses, neighborhoods back-lit by flames and billowing clouds …

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The Dry Years

It’s hot this summer. Too hot. Like hide in the house with the air conditioning on hot. I hate that. I grew up on the East Coast and my memories of summer are of being really hot, really sweaty and really burned out most of the time. As a kid, my frustrated mother used to …

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