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Autonomy, Monogamy, The Tree and Me: An Analogy of Love and Marriage

Where the touch of the lover ends And the soul of the friend begins There’s a need to be separate and a need to be one And a struggle neither wins  ©From the song Sky Blue and Black by Jackson Browne  The old man flew away recently to visit family for a week. It was …


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Online Dating:Who Ya Gonna Call?

Have you noticed all the specialized dating web sites available now? There are sites for single parents, single Jews, single Blacks, single Christians, single Seniors, single professionals, just about every kind of single. And of course, there are even “dating sites” for non-singles. The latter have naughty sounding names like Hush Affairs, Discreet Encounters and …

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An Essay for My Sister on Her 55th Birthday

When I was three years old my parents told me I would be getting a new sibling…a baby. They brought me in their bedroom. Daddy sat on the bed and I stood before him holding his hands. Mom was standing at the end of the bed, smiling happily, as we discussed names for the new …

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Heart Broken

I don’t know if a person can truly die of a broken heart, but I suspect that every person who lives long enough, dies with a broken heart. Life will do that to you. The longer you live, the more loss you experience. For those who live long enough, there must come a time when …

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Writing, Mothers, and Memories

Sometimes, but not often enough, I sit at the computer and scroll through my writing files.  Poems, essays, short stories–essays, poems, short stories…nothing organized. It’s all just randomly saved on my little hot pink zip drive. There are no files for each genre of writing, it’s all just there, piled one on top of another, …

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My Jesus: No Apologies

I’d like to tell you about my Jesus. You know, my personal vision of a Messiah. Mine is based on scripture and personal observation. I’m not saying this is THE JESUS. This is MY JESUS. He’s a really cool guy. He’s not loud mouthed or hot-headed or politically incorrect. He loves people and animals and …

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Slack Slack Slack They Call Him the Slacker

I told him it was a dog pancake for him because it was Valentines Day, and he laughed and said “It’s Valentines Day??”

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