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Aging: The Incredible Lameness of Being Old

A Life after Sixty Series Post From September to June, on most Tuesdays, I attend Jewelry workshops at the nearby college. It’s mostly a bunch of old broads and a couple of token guys, almost all of us senior citizens. The college gives the over 50 “Lifelong Learners” in the community a nice discount on …

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The Tomb of The Abandoned House Cat: A DIY Holiday Story

It’s all just too frightening to think about, especially with Halloween being over now and the merry and bright holidays coming…

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A Van Named “Christine?”

…I haven’t heard him cooing the name Christine yet as he’s buffing the back bumper…

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Italy the Second Time Around: Fish Heads, Juggling Joggers and a Near Death Experience

I am not an itinerant world traveler. Indeed, at the age of sixty, I have recently completed just my second trip overseas. Like the first trip three years ago, I primarily visited the country of Italy, with just a day trip into Slovenia, which it turns out, is pretty lovely and felt quite familiar, but …

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Puget Sound: A Brief Memoir

For a time we lived near the Puget Sound. We would ride the shore roads into town, winding through tall trees and small neighborhoods with views across the water to the city. It floated there, a beacon of creative energy and industry and motion. It’s light at night cast a glow even we could see …

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Diets: Exorcising the Rear View

…whenever I try on clothes, I wish I had a swiveling head like an owl or that girl in The Exorcist.

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Living in the Four Seasons: Spring

What is this new joy that surprises my days, as fresh as the grass and as precious as a new born calf? What is this wanderlust that makes me want to hit the road and drive for days on impossibly bent roads through rolling hills, green as a dragon? What is this new found fascination with bombastic blue …

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