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Walls and Doors

Jackson Browne recorded a song a few years back that seems so appropriate for our world today. It was written by a Cuban singer songwriter named Carlos Varela. According to Browne, he is a man who likes to speak the truth about peoples feelings. According to Wikipedia he is critical of the status quo. According …

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Mad for Music

I am just mad for music. I love the stuff. It’s like tonic (with gin), for me, whether I need a little lift, an attitude adjustment, or a trance, music does it for me. Throughout the years I have experimented with different types of music, as a listener and as, of course, a strictly recreational …

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Lyrics and Inspiration

Let the disappointments pass…Let the laughter fill your glass…Let your illusions last until they shatter. Whatever you might hope to find, Among the thoughts that crowd your mind, There won’t be many that ever really matter. Jackson Browne. “The Only Child”.  The Pretender. Electra/Asylum Records, 1976

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Jackson Browne, again.

Let’s talk about Jackson Browne! Again? you ask…Oh I know what you’re thinking–“she must be stalking him and we should tell someone.” I am not stalking Jackson Browne. And I’m not a groupie. I don’t like to travel that much. But I am a huge fan. And yes, I do have an occasional fantasy about …

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Musings of a real housewife of Lewis County

I am getting old. I know because the other day as I was fantasizing about my affair with Jackson Browne, the one I never had but that I’ve fantasized about since I was fourteen years old, usually while I’m listening to his music, I found myself thinking strange, logical thoughts. Like I thought to myself …

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