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Verona: Who Wouldn’t Fall in Love?

Verona wasn’t high on my list of cities to visit in Northern Italy–until I got there.

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Italy: All The Colors of The Rainbow in Burano And Some Peace and Quiet on Torcello

How do the Italians get away with it? They are so bold. So out there. So creative. So colorful and artsy. Can you imagine painting your house Pepto-Bismol Pink, or  Kelly Green maybe Tomato Red, or a startling Lemon Yellow, or if you are the sedate conservative kind, Turqoise Blue? What would your neighbors say? …


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Italy the Second Time Around: Fish Heads, Juggling Joggers and a Near Death Experience

I am not an itinerant world traveler. Indeed, at the age of sixty, I have recently completed just my second trip overseas. Like the first trip three years ago, I primarily visited the country of Italy, with just a day trip into Slovenia, which it turns out, is pretty lovely and felt quite familiar, but …

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Random Thoughts: David Sedaris; Travel, French Attitudes and Italian Food; Regularity; Life

I’ve been reading “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” by David Sedaris. I love how he makes me laugh out loud. I wish he was my friend and I could call him up and just listen to his witty little observations of the world and his exaggerated stories of the people he runs into.  We could …

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My Immigration Story

My mother’s father was an immigrant from Sicily, as were her maternal grandparents. I never met them. They existed for me in imagination only, stimulated by the sepia photographs, postcards and letters, some written in a language I could not decipher, that my mother kept in a big cardboard box in her closet. They lived …

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Finding Community in a Foreign Country

I’ve been away from social media for a while. I was on an adventure. Well, technically I was getting ready for my adventure, then I was adventuring, then I was recuperating from all the adventurous activity. Now I am back to my boring life in a po-dunk railroad town in Western Washington. The old man, …

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Buon Giorno Everyone!

In a little more than three months I will be doing something I’ve dreamed about doing for most of my adult life, which equates to a looong time. I’m going to Italy! I can barely write the words without shivering a little bit for the joy I feel. I also bawl like a baby every …

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