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What I Miss Right Now…

Playgrounds full of red cheeked children. The freedom to hug and be hugged. The anticipation of summer concert people dancing on the grass. A normal day at the grocery store. A face that doesn’t itch like poison ivy every time I’m in public. Ditto for the urge to sneeze. The assumption that my sore throat …

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Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner…NOT…I’ll Have an Egg Thanks

We eat a lot of eggs lately. Eggs for lunch. Eggs for breakfast. Eggs for dinner. There is something about eating protein before it’s born and developed arms and legs and wings and can cluck that makes eating protein seem a little less brutish. The problem with eggs is they are boring unless you dress …

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Fat Dog, Fat Mommy: The Shameful Truth

we switched to a high quality slightly less expensive chicken and rice food with one of those wholesome sounding names–Whole Earth Farms or some other such nonsense. It sounded nice. Of course we knew it was not produced on a dog friendly hippy commune farm in sunny California, but most likely in a dog food plant in the industrial section of some mid-western town, hopefully NOT named Flint, but it sounded nice.

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