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Rainy Day Writing: Gratitude

Sometimes the sound of the rain pelting the roof at night feels like an assault. Watching it slosh off the roof edge and into the gutters all day is cause for more frustration. Where are the sunny days? Or even the sun-breaks?–those moments of reprieve that turn the lawn into a glittering green shag carpet …

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Living in the Four Seasons: Spring

What is this new joy that surprises my days, as fresh as the grass and as precious as a new born calf? What is this wanderlust that makes me want to hit the road and drive for days on impossibly bent roads through rolling hills, green as a dragon? What is this new found fascination with bombastic blue …

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Gratitude and the Middle Class

Never look down on the people at the bottom of the ladder who may seem ignorant but are most likely just uneducated.

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