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Random Questions: Food, Fat and the Space Time Continuum

  What does the nut in doughnut refer to? Why is there not a national chain of organic doughnut shops? Do healthy people not eat doughnuts? What is wrong with them?     Why would anyone drink coffee black when you can drink it with cream or half n half? Why does imported cherry syrup …

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Real Food, Real People, Real Americans: In Praise of Organic Farmers

And yes, I know how elitist I am, supporting hippies…living on farms they tend with their own hands…

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Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner…NOT…I’ll Have an Egg Thanks

We eat a lot of eggs lately. Eggs for lunch. Eggs for breakfast. Eggs for dinner. There is something about eating protein before it’s born and developed arms and legs and wings and can cluck that makes eating protein seem a little less brutish. The problem with eggs is they are boring unless you dress …

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Coffee Deprived in the PNW??

The old man and I are serious coffee fans. Access to good coffee ┬áis a quality of life issue for us. We live in the Pacific Northwest and should have access to all kinds of great brews, but we don’t. Which sucks since this is the birthplace of Starbucks, the most ubiquitous brand in the …

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Buon Giorno Everyone!

In a little more than three months I will be doing something I’ve dreamed about doing for most of my adult life, which equates to a looong time. I’m going to Italy! I can barely write the words without shivering a little bit for the joy I feel. I also bawl like a baby every …

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