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In Memory of Dori Smith: Thoughts On the Death of The Body, and The Life of The Spirit

© 2017 by Ilona Elliott C.S. Lewis once wrote about how grief feels like fear. It does too. It kind of sucker punches you. The grief that accompanies death is the most fearsome. I have a friend who is in the clutches of that grief right now, having lost her only daughter. My heart is …

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The Instruments of Comfort

I stepped outside and looked up to see the lights of an aircraft far above. There was something about the normality of that moment that brought a measure of comfort to my broken heart.

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The Pope and Jesus the Radical

    It’s been an interesting week in the news. I did not expect to see the news media get all warm and fuzzy about Pope Francis’ visit to the US. But it’s pretty hard to ignore this guy. He is not the sanitized, institutionalized version of the Holy Father we are used to seeing. …

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