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Let’s Try to Be Helpful in the Wake of Tragedy

The terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday have opened a lot of poorly healed wounds here in the United States. They seem to get torn open again and again without any hope of ever truly healing. And people here get upset and say crazy things sometimes. We should try to curb that practice. It doesn’t …


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Civil Discourse with Demons

Civil discourse. It’s a process that is sorely lacking in the public arena these days. It’s definitely gotten popular to demonize the “other”, the person who believes in a different path or a has a different set of values than we have or lives in a different neighborhood or looks different than us. Demonizing the …

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The Politics of Fear

I read Parker J. Palmer’s Healing the Heart of Democracy  a couple of years ago. It was a breath of fresh air in the very toxic atmosphere that has fueled our political discourse of late. And full of quotable words of wisdom. Here is one that is particularly timely for me in light of the …

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