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How National Geographic Nurtured My Inner Environmentalist

When I was a young girl, we got the National Geographic Magazine. Like George Bailey, I thought our membership in the society meant something. It meant we were interested in the bigger world around us. It meant we cared about stuff that happened outside of our own back yards. It meant we were smart. There …


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James Frey on Writing

“People read memoirs and nonfiction and ask questions about what in the books isn’t real. They read novels and short fiction and ask what in them is. Ultimately, none of it matters. Good writing is good writing, and a story well told isn’t beholden to issues of fact and fiction, and moves beyond where it …

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Attacked by Squirrels….A Cricklewood Road Tale

Kids run into things, right? It’s what they do. I was certainly no exception. As a matter of fact I excelled at running into things. If it was an Olympic event, I’d be the gold medalist. I ran into the tail pipe of Mr. Dooley’s old rambler once, not while he was driving of course, …

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