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Aging: The Incredible Lameness of Being Old

A Life after Sixty Series Post From September to June, on most Tuesdays, I attend Jewelry workshops at the nearby college. It’s mostly a bunch of old broads and a couple of token guys, almost all of us senior citizens. The college gives the over 50 “Lifelong Learners” in the community a nice discount on …


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we can smell wood smoke in the air and taste snowflakes on our tongues

Wonderful post reblogged from Live and Learn by David Kanigan: via we can smell wood smoke in the air and taste snowflakes on our tongues

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Thanks to Life in The Boomer Lane for this LOL Post

Those readers who are convinced that North Korean missiles are now, even as we speak, headed this way, have no need to continue reading this blog post. If you truly believe you have mere moments left, you certainly don’t want to spend them wallowing in Life in the Boomer Lane’s depleted mental universe. Please come …

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The End of The Rainbow: Thoughts on Life, Family, Friendship and a Sense of Place

The slant of the sun that turns the rain into silver strands of Christmas tree tinsel isn’t sufficient magic anymore. I’m even getting tired of rainbows.

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Flash Fiction: The Memory Card

©2015 by Ilona Elliott The old lady crossing the street with her ancient shopping cart full of bags is silent and disheveled. Her feet are flapping around in black athletic shoes meant for someone else. She leans on the cart as much as she pushes it, slowing her progress. Her asymmetrical hair cut did not come from a …

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Groucho Marx and My Mediterranean Ancestors

Back in 1968, I was the Groucho Marx of ten year olds. I have the school picture to prove it. I had very thick eyebrows. They weren’t dark like Groucho’s, PTL for small miracles, but they were heavy. I also had some facial hair issues that sprouted up around that time, thanks to the glories …

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Writing, Mothers, and Memories

Sometimes, but not often enough, I sit at the computer and scroll through my writing files.  Poems, essays, short stories–essays, poems, short stories…nothing organized. It’s all just randomly saved on my little hot pink zip drive. There are no files for each genre of writing, it’s all just there, piled one on top of another, …

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The Incredible Lightness of Being My Brain

My brain is such a light weight. Which pisses me off. I feed it really well. Lots of books, educational programming and internet searches heavy on information, continuing ed courses, and it’s still scrawny as a tweaker. Despite the fact that I’m constantly trying to cram more information into it, it remains stubbornly and incredibly …

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Weight a Minute, Don’t Lie to Me or You Will Die-t!

It will taste so scrumptious when you sprinkle on a few herbs and black pepper, but no salt, what are you an idiot?

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Need Erectile Dysfunction: Go Here

My email in-box is a major spam depository for every form of deceptive and detestable web-advertising imaginable. On average, I receive 40 or 50 spam mails a day. Sometimes it’s enough to piss a person off. But sometimes, and this is how bad my life has gotten, it’s good for a laugh. Scrolling through the …

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