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An Antidote for Environmental Despair — Hakai Magazine

Reposted from Hakai Magazine.

As the environmental problems facing our world compound, despair may feel like a rational response. In her new book, Hope Matters: Why Changing the Way We Think Is Critical to Solving the Environmental Crisis, environmental scholar Elin Kelsey makes an evidence-based argument for choosing hope over despair. Kelsey holds up examples of how ecosystems—including along…

An Antidote for Environmental Despair — Hakai Magazine


  1. Well this lifted my spirits! I have been so overwhelmed with ALL the awfulness of these days. I tried to remain hopeful, but was so worried for my grandchildren. As a remedy, I stepped up my plight for the planet-I could do that. We have had two bags of trash since Christmas! only buying what foods are packaged in a green manner. . .and we ate now vegetarians, at long last! A small thing, but it is something. There is much more to do. . . but of course, I can’t do a thing about “rhe crazy”-go well my dear. Thank you-love Michele

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    • Oh my gosh, good for you! I need to step it up too. It makes me crazy to buy organic eggs and produce somewhere and they are in plastic containers! Maybe this is the year to go deeper on buying local and getting organized enough to consistently use cloth for shopping and produce bags. Good to hear from you Michele! XO

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      • Yes!!! You will feel so glad and it will become routine before you know it. I have eliminated a lot of plastic with just using shampoo bars, laundry and dish soap bars, too. You have the heart to tackle this and I will be cheering you on! love Michele

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