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Ponderous Questions to Ponder

I didn’t write much in 2020. I never felt like I had enough wisdom to write insightfully about anything important and I lacked the proper frame of mind to write light and witty.

I wish I had the gift of someone like Dave Chappelle who can cut to the quick and make you laugh simultaneously. I don’t.

I’m not sure I feel any wiser or funnier at the moment, but it’s a new year so it can’t hurt to make a new effort.

Last year was hard. Devastating, actually.

This year felt more hopeful, but the hope was fragile, at best, and was swiftly and seriously damaged by the events that took place in D.C. on Wednesday.

As always, I find myself responding to tragic events by questioning everything in hopes of gaining some understanding. This is the bane of my psyche. The need to understand things.

Looking for answers starts with questions, so I want to share some that have been on my mind, not in an attempt to explain them or provide answers, but just to get them out of my head and onto the page. Give them some light.

These are some of the questions that the events of the past year have brought to mind:

  • When did condemning violence become a political exercise instead of a moral obligation?
  • At what point did we choose to not just edit truth but to abandon it to fit our purposes? Or has it always been so?
  • Why do we fear paying higher taxes for universal healthcare more than we fear losing everything in the event of a debilitating accident or serious illness?
  • What do we gain by perpetuating national myths about American exceptionalism in the face of massive fails that threaten to rend the fabric of our society and threaten our democracy?
  • Why did the folks who thought they were going to save American democracy this week dress and act like characters from:
  • A. The Beverly Hillbillies
  • B. Call of Duty
  • C. A Midsomer Night’s Dream
  • When was Dumb and Dumber elevated from adolescent dumbass comedy into inspirational historical fiction?
  • Is South Park inspired by Satan or is it legitimate social commentary?
  • Can you serve God and Money or is it God or Money? Ditto the NRA.
  • What is more authoritarian, condemnation and punishment of the press, political opponents and dissenters, or collecting taxes to fund a more fair and equitable system of government for everyone?
  • What isn’t Fascist about politicians, voters and media personalities requiring police protection due to threats of violence and even death at the hands of militant militia members?
  • Can we even discuss or debate politics anymore without devolving into demonizing one another, or is it just too much fun the way it is?
  • Are you tired of all the drama and chaos yet?
  • Are you ready for a change?

Yeah, me too.

Happy New year. Here’s to new efforts to serve, protect and humor each other.

Copyright: 2021 by Ilona Elliott



  1. I am so ready for some peace and quiet, but am afraid we have a long wait.

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    • Isn’t it frustrating? So much unnecessary drama and chaos. Recently it has escalated to dangerous. Hope you are well up there and staying well and warm.

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  2. My dear, I will read your posts, no matter what. I do understand your quandary-for I have felt numb, shocked and deeply disappointed for a while. I like to understand too-but the whole of the matters does not make sense. love, Michele

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    • Thank you Michele. You are a great source of comfort to me and I appreciate the support. XO

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  3. Darts and Letters

    I’ve missed reading you. But you’ve got to write when you’re ready. I think one of the reasons I’ve lasted so long journaling on WP is that I’ve let my space go….. fallow, should I call it?… on a fairly regular basis. I’m not sure about rest and regeneration, this year. More like considerably painful contemplation and devastating distraction? This year I felt like I had no choice but to keep writing as often as I possibly could to keep myself on the level, that I had to do it to stay sane, even though it was harder than ever with the boys and I joined at the hip more than ever. We’re disturbingly isolated as a family unit, it has been pretty difficult. Writing on here has given me levity. The boys have given me a lot of levity.

    I dunno if this is a spark right now or you’re cautiously sounding. Or a little bit of both. A bunch of these are questions I’ve been pondering a lot, too……. I’m right there with you. Last week was utterly devastating, humiliating and dangerous for the country. it has been really tortuous, I feel like I’m having to break all it all down very methodically like some kind of Frankenstein civics experiment trying to explain it to Adam. He’s coming of age to be engaged civically. we have no choice to keep looking with him at all the different lights at the end of the tunnel somehow so he can be part of the new guard of democracy and justice instead of some kind of jaded cynical nihilist.


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    • Oh I don’t envy you in the task of trying to explain the inexplicable to Adam. I guess the best we can do is to teach them to look at the light, as you alluded. Hope you and the boys and their Mom find hope and peace and light within your unit and that it is enough. Thanks for reading friend. XO


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