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What I Miss Right Now…


Walks on the Beach.

Playgrounds full of red cheeked children.

The freedom to hug and be hugged.

The anticipation of summer concert people dancing on the grass.

A normal day at the grocery store.

A face that doesn’t itch like poison ivy every time I’m in public.

Ditto for the urge to sneeze.

The assumption that my sore throat and headache are nothing serious.

The skin on the backs of my hands.

Gatherings of friends.

The camaraderie and creative buzz of art workshops.

Uninhibited travel.


Mt. Rainier National Park

Unrestrained laughter.

My sister.


Goofing around with sis.

The certainty that we all value the lives of our neighbors more than we value their ability to contribute to our economy.

Leaders who lead with patience, humility and respect for our institutions.

Barack and Michelle Obama.

The idea that America’s legacy transcends our economics and the empire building of oligarchs.


Photos by the author


And, ugh, I never thought I would miss this…

Silly, pointless news stories.

Yeah, even that.

Remain safe, be well, stay healthy.

And tell me what you miss.

Me and Cosmo

The Author (on the right)

©2020 by Ilona Elliott







  1. Makes me want to cry… If we make it through this, we can never take the simple things for granted ever again! Love to you my friend and stay safe!

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    • Oh AGMA, I do hope you and yours are safe and staying well. I think we will be okay. Changed no doubt, but hopefully for the better. The economy can be rebuilt, as we know, we have both seen it in our lifetimes. What we can’t do is raise the dead, so we must be diligent in our best practices and support each other and especially our health care providers. They are the soldiers in this war now. God Bless them.

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  2. Darts and Letters

    What I miss:

    Waiting in the schoolyard to pick up my seven year old and the embarrassed smile on his face when he sees me

    Being bumped, pushed and poked in the rear-end (hopefully not on purpose) as I make my way through a wonderfully crowded Pike Place Market

    Visits to the library

    Pretty much every dang thing on your list

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    • One of the news outlets shared footage of the silent Pike Place Market and it brought me back to many a delightful jaunt on the ferry boat to Seattle and the vibe of that place. Hope it all gets back to that soon. Take special care TF. XO


  3. well, you made me cry again . .”my sister” that did it. Oh I pray for you and the rest of the world too. I am concerned about you with the sore throat, etc. This truly a different time. love Michele

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    • I was going to be visiting my sister right about now. It’s been two years. UGH! I will go in the Fall if possible. I am sad for all the isolation, fear and loss we are experiencing. Be safe Michele. God Bless you my sweet friend! xo

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  4. Awareness has been heightened about the simple things we take for granted and that is a huge gift. I liked how you spaced this post out, it causes the reader to breathe and soak in each line like pausing in a speech. Wonderful.
    I think I will miss this, when it goes back to normal and people stop taking health for granted.

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    • I guess it’s human nature Dave to take things for granted, and to think “it will never happen to me.” This isn’t the first deadly virus to launch itself into our population and probably won’t be the last. Hopefully, we will learn to respect science and those who put themselves in danger to study such things, like the folks who have been studying bats in the hopes of figuring corona virus out, long before this outbreak. I am afraid in my country we will still value tax cuts over preparedness, but I hope not. I keep thinking we have got to learn something from this. You are probably a vulnerable individual, so please take special precautions to protect yourself. Regards to you and yours.

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  5. Nice blog

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  6. I may have acclimatized to not taking showers and wearing sweats a little too readily. I only miss visiting friends–but mostly because my son doesn’t understand the restrictions.

    Other than that, I missed libraries, but they’ve opened up curbside service, so I at least can enjoy them remotely.

    (And this is me, going backward in time, to catch up on my reading in the blogo-verse.)

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