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Stop the Insanity: Just END Us Now

Maybe I’m a nihilist, because I often find myself thinking, or stating out loud to certain people who know me well enough not to judge, that if I were God I would probably be planning the destruction of the human race right about now.

Which probably means I’m not really a nihilist since I’m talking about God.

This thought is usually preceded by something or other I have read that concerns human behavior that is completely beyond my comprehension.

You know, the heavy stuff, like mass murder of innocent children (or worshipers or concert goers, or…fill in the blanks, it’s America and the possibilities are endless).

Or like mass bombings of entire cities by terrorist dictators seeking to annihilate terrorist rebels in some absolutely terrorized state far away, resulting in the complete destruction of said state and the creation of five or six million refugees and another six million displaced peoples.

Things like that.

But it’s smaller things too that get me–you know, the less horrific but no less incomprehensible things humans do.

Like actually enjoying Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza.

But seriously, sometimes things I read or observe get my amygdala buzzing like a bee-hive at a honey badgers picnic.

Like stories about how we are destroying the environment for instance. Pardon my language, but WTF is up with that?

How can we, as humans, not recognize the precarious position we have put ourselves in as we allow our consumptive behavior to become so out of control that we risk the very future of our own species survival?

How can we not understand the long term consequences of our burgeoning population on an earth that is increasingly stressed and under performing in it’s assigned position as Mother of the human race?

Do we not realize that the earth’s resources are finite?

Science teaches us that we can only hope for the earth to comfortably feed about three billion people in a sustainable manner and we are now at about 7.7 billion and will be close to 8 billion humans within about four years at our current rate.

Science also gave us birth control. Ironic, isn’t it?

Science also teaches us that solid particulate matter in our atmosphere is a real problem. That’s secondary school stuff. You would think even a moron could understand it.

Apparently not…but I won’t go there right now.

Currently on Earth, about 2.5 million pounds of carbon particulates are released into the air EVERY SECOND. That resulted in 45 billion tons of carbon emissions in 2017.

45 billion tons. That’s a lot of pollution. Isn’t coal just the bee’s knees?

Science also teaches us that climate change will have real world impacts on every species on earth. Sometimes I think maybe none more so than humans. It’s almost serendipitous.

The rising sea levels and higher temperature gradients that are predicted would cause mass displacement of populations and increasing crop failures, more catastrophic wildfires, ocean acidification, and all sorts of other upheavals to humans on Earth.

Some political scientists already point to failing agricultural societies in drought vulnerable places like Syria and Darfur as contributing factors to wars there. Surely dwindling food supplies and land resources are potential triggers for conflict as the effects of global climate change intensify.

Now for any bible-thumpers out there who believe that all this is God’s will and it has been foretold and that I should just go read the Book of Revelations and accept the inevitable and go about eating and drinking for tomorrow we die and stop being so hyperbolic, well I already have read it. And I’m not hungry, thanks.

But here’s my response–

What if the Book of Revelations does not represent the will of God for man but simply represents his foreknowledge about man’s selfish, intractable and rebellious nature which will inevitably lead to his demise, and the earths, unless:

He changes his ways and actually begins to appreciate and take proper care of this incredibly beautiful and precious home that God has created for his children.

In other words, stops acting so damned entitled.

Oh yeah, and stops murdering his fellow man like there was no tomorrow. Or no God.

If you built your beloved family a beautiful home in paradise and they used it and abused it until it was on the brink of collapse, all the time counting on you to just build them a bigger and better home right around the corner from you someday, (because you are such a nice person), you would certainly be justified in evicting your beloved family from their palace.

And maybe replace them with, oh, I don’t know, a bunch of docile and obedient goldfish or puppy dogs and kittens.

And so would He.

©2019 by Ilona Elliott

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  1. I quite agree with you. I do not understand how folks can act like God has willed this mess that WE created.. Also, how can we continue in the same ways! There is writing on the wall right now. I worry for my grandchildren-well and my own children too. Goodness I am all worked up and I want to cry. well said, my friend, love Michele


    • I’m sorry to upset you Michele. But it is frustrating and hard to comprehend the attitudes we encounter out there. love to you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear friend, the older I get, the less I understand. What a whirlwind of change so far in my lifetime. Certainly some is good-but we all really ought to stop and think-at some point. Know you have a kindred spirit. love Michele

        Liked by 1 person

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