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The Glass Pebble

I was rummaging around in my purse the other day and found a little glass pebble. My grand niece gave it to me the day I left Connecticut for home.

She was “helping” me pack for my flight. She has made three trips down to Walt Disney World with her family so she’s an expert packer.

Lyza gave me four glass pebbles that day. “Here are some gemstones for you to remember me and Emma by” she said. She also gave me several rubber gloves from the box in Steve’s garage. And a bubble stick.

She’s almost seven years old and has seen me enough times by now to finally treat me like a relative.  I don’t have many opportunities to engage with children, so it’s nice to be treated like the auntie that I am. Her cousin Emma has been doing it since day one, but she is so much more outgoing than Lyza.

Lyza is shy. She takes her time getting to know you. She checks you out. I guess I finally passed muster.

Also, she is old enough now to fully understand that I am Grandma’s sister, which accounts for a lot I guess. It does for me too.

We had an interesting conversation sitting out on Judy’s deck.

She asked me if I had a husband: Yes, I have a husband.

Do you have any kids?: No, I don’t have any kids.

But if you have a husband, then you have to have kids:. No, you don’t.

Yes, you do: No, you don’t.

Yes you do. First you get a husband and then you get a kid.

Okay, I’ll talk to my husband about it.

I didn’t know if the TSA would wonder what a sixty year old lady was doing boarding a plane with glass pebbles, a bubble stick and a handful of rubber gloves and since she stole the gloves from Grandpa Steve’s garage anyways, I sneaked around and put everything back that she had given me.

Except for one little glass pebble. Which I found the other day. Which made me sad and lonely because she’s so far away.

But I have this little gemstone to remember her and Emma by.

Kid’s are so awesome.

©2018 by Ilona Elliott

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  1. Judith Volosin

    Thank you Sis for recognizing how precious these children are. They mean the world to me as do you and my other family members. Most important people in my life!!! Screw the jerks out there that need power and material things to make them feel good. Just give me this family and I am the Queen of the World! Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are all precious to me. We are all blessed. We can be together and are together when we need to be. Prayers for those who are not so blessed and are unjustly separated from their loved ones. It’s an unholy mess right now, but we have each other, which is something to be thankful for. xox


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