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Without Wings

Here at the edge of the world

Where the enchanted woods

Hug the crumbling cliffs

Doing the soft slide together

Down onto the beach…

Each visit brings a new landscape.



But the eagle’s roost still stands:

Two white heads

Four yellow eyes.

And vision that pierces

Earthly artifice.


As we pass by

On clumsy feet

Aware of the constraints.


Anchored to the earth

We abdicate the heavens

To our lofty companions,

And humbly move on.


Longing for things

That will never be…


©2018 by Ilona Elliott


  1. Is imagination via painting, art, photography, writing or poetry a form of flight or substitution for wings?

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    • Good question. Which leads me to this one: would I trade those imaginative pursuits for a real pair of wings? When I’m on the beach watching them, I think I might be willing to do that…


      • Fly or breathe water, if you could what would you choose?

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      • That’s a tough one. I’ve loved whales and sea mammals forever and used to think of how wonderful it would be to be a mermaid. But flying feels like the ultimate freedom, and I could visit my sister across the country alot cheaper and easier! Flying. What about you?


      • Flying also but I do love the idea of freedom swimming in a reef

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  2. Neha Sharma

    This is beautiful! ❤

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