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You’re Face to Face With the Man Who Sold the World

When it comes to monuments, If it doesn’t have TRUMP emblazoned on it, this POTUS isn’t interested in preserving it. A good post about what is going on with the Presidents “review” of our public lands from the blog AN AMERICAN SONG.

An American Song

Almost immediately upon my arrival in Nashville 2 1/2 weeks ago, I thought that upon my return to Albany I’d be penning a blog post about my return to some of the places in Tennessee and Kentucky that I had last visited in depth during the travels for my book. Alas, the socio-political culture these days has once more redirected my focus.

I probably will write that “return” post at some point. But for now, I am obliged to write about places I hope will still be there when I go back to them.

Yes, that’s right. Once again I am calling attention to something wonderful that the Trump administration is looking to destroy.

Perhaps when they decided the gut the EPA they imagined a flood of fiscally-conservative support to deflect from the potential horrors of eradicating an organization that came about because dense clouds of smog were hanging over…

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