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But Before I Let That Steam Drill Beat Me Down, I’d Die With a Hammer in My Hand

THIS is a REBLOG of a wonderful post about the state of our united states from the wordpress blog An American Song. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

An American Song

In his inauguration speech, the new president insisted that America is becoming a wasteland. “American carnage,” he termed it. A place where gangs run amuck and crime is rampant. Where poverty is endemic. Where children are denied a basic education. Where economic blight is displayed in abandoned factories, and hopelessness and fear rule the day in an unsafe landscape.

Well, I’ve traveled across wide swaths of America, and met a wide range of people. And what I saw does not correspond to this bleak vision.

To be certain, we have problems. Our school system needs to be fortified and its teachers need better pay, and the erosion of university standards needs to be reversed. Too many people live in a cyclical poverty that economic and social policies perpetuate. Though statistically Americans are safer now than they ever have been in our nation’s history, still crime is an issue. The economy…

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