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2016: What We Lost


America lost it’s first man in space–a statesman and an astronaut. It also lost a formidable first lady, a supreme court justice, and it’s first female US attorney general.

Hollywood lost a sassy space age princess with a snarkey sense of humor. A famous mother lost her beloved daughter. A brother and son lost them both.

Mr. Ed lost his best friend. The Brady Bunch lost their Mom. Gentle Ben lost his human counterpart. Super Man lost Lois Lane. Bugs and Daffy lost their voice. Raymond lost his meddling Mom. Tootsie lost a suitor and Cool Hand Luke lost a cell mate.

Sherrif Bart lost the Waco kid. The Chocolate Factory lost Willy Wonka and Translyvania lost it’s mad scientist.

Boxing lost a floating, stinging heavyweight with a propensity for colorful prose. Golf lost it’s pioneering King of the Greens. Baseball lost a promising rookie and Tennessee basketball a tough coach.

The music world  lost a country legend, a poet, a pop culture prophet, a prince, and an orchestra’s worth of band mates and players in every genre.

Israel and Egypt lost peace makers and Iran lost a dissenting director. Cuba lost a revolutionary leader and America it’s most defiant adversary.  The Human Race lost an humanitarian activist and survivor of the holocaust.

Journalism lost a droopy eyed veteran reporter. Public Broadcasting lost a spiritual journalistic mentor with a radiant smile.

Literature lost the creators of Atticus Finch and Watership Down, and the Guyanese educator immortalized in “To Sir With Love.”

In Politics, Britain lost it’s union, South Korea lost it’s honor, and the Syrian People lost everything. The American GOP lost control of it’s party, and the US Democratic party lost it’s mind. The general American public lost their desire for civil discourse and their ability to discern truth.

America lost eighteen active duty military service members in 2016, and one hundred and forty peace officers, including three 9/11 first-responders. May they rest in peace.

And may we never see another year the likes of this one. Welcome 2017.



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