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Christmas Television Viewing: Who’s the Grinch in Charge of Programming?



I don’t know about anyone else, but I am deeply disturbed by the Television programming around Christmas the last few years. Is it just me? I mean, the world is full of bad news and heartache, Christmas is six days away, and the old man is watching the original Cape Fear, the one with Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck. OMG. Nothing like a revolting, sleazy, seriously psychopathic killer stalking Atticus Finch and his beautiful wife and daughter through the swamp lands of the deep South to get you in the holiday spirit. UGH!

There have been a few bright offerings of Christmas cheer thus far, very few. I got a little Christmas buzz on watching It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol and White Christmas–which is corny but it’s worth a watch just to see the magnificent ending and hear the title song. I always sing along. It’s un-American not to. It’s also un-American not to flood the airwaves, or satellite signals, with Christmas classics this time of year. What is happening to my country? Why are we reduced to watching lame mass produced Hallmark movies with so much sap they make your teeth hurt to watch em. Errrr. It’s enough to make this old lady want to pull her gray hair out. OUCH! That’s not what I want. I want the classics and I want em now! These kids that run the world now days, Yeesh.

I want to see Natalie Wood being taught how to play like a child by Kris Kringle. I want to see Prancer being nursed back to health by a willful little girl who needs so badly to believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas. I want to see Scrooge transformed by the awakening powers of memory, conscience and empathy. I don’t want to see death, hate, fear, greed, war or murder. Not now. I can binge watch the news if I need a buzz kill thank you. Right now I need a little Christmas cheer and since I am a world champion light weight of alcohol consumption, in lieu of getting drunk and throwing up on the Christmas tree, bring on the flicks!

I want movies with happy endings. I want Christmas spirit, preferably in black and white, but color will do in a pinch. I want Christmas carols and sleigh bells and miracles and angels. I want to hear Bing crooning and George Bailey cackling with glee. I want to watch Dudley fall in love with Loretta and Rosemary Clooney fall in love with Bing. I want snow in Vermont and Bedford Falls and NYC. And I want bells ringing. Lots and lots of bells ringing. It’s Christmas, dammit. Let’s get with the program!

Just in case you need a little inspiration, here are MY favorite Christmas Classics:

It’s a Wonderful Life; White Christmas; The Bishop’s Wife; It Happened on Fifth Avenue; Prancer; Miracle on 34th Street (1947 with Natalie Wood, later versions make me want to hurl); anything Charlie Brown; A Christmas Carol–1951.

©2016 by Ilona Elliott

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  1. you would love “h-Holiday Affair” too-the old black and white.

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    • Oh Yeah, the little boy and the electric train! I love that one too. Love the little boy. I always feel bad for the fiance though. And I still have a hard time seeing Robert Mitchum as anything but murderous after
      that chilling performance in Cape Fear! Happy Holidays Michele! Thanks for the reminder.

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      • I have never seen Cape Fear-but it comes on this week. “Love Affair”-is good-meeting at the empire state bldg? ” All Mine to Give” is a tear jerker. let me stop-I just love the classics!

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      • Me too! If you watch Cape Fear, be prepared to be mortified.

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      • I plan to as I am curious now.

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  2. We don’t truly make much magic happen in Christmas specials any more. I find myself bombarded by massive family light show competitions and star-studded spectaculars. It makes me grateful for Amazon Prime and access to any old movie I want whenever I want. Do avoid Hallmark Christmas specials. Even the actors look like they are in pain when they are performing. Always opt for Charlie Brown instead. It is a small dose of schmaltz to get you through a particularly bad television-watching season. Merry Merry!

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